Eric’s patience, ability to explain complex technology in clear, concise language and willingness to listen and respond to suggestions appropriate to your specific needs and capabilities are unsurpassed.

Most importantly, he will never make you feel incompetent, even when you know you have done something foolish.

— Relieved homeowner who thought the machine ate everything
Georgetown, Delaware

I decided it was time to upgrade to a new computer and needed someone who could help me through the process, make recommendations and provide guidance along the way. I also wanted someone who cares about their customers, has great patience and has the experience to help make my transition as smooth as possible. I searched online and eventually found Eric Montgomery, The Computer Guy. After reading the kind words and recommendations from other customers, I decided that Eric was exactly who I needed to see me through the whole process.

After a brief discussion of what my needs were, Eric made recommendations for new equipment and explained how to download the program needed to work with me remotely as he was traveling at the time. He has made my experience a very positive one.

If you are a current or new customer who has concerns about working with Eric remotely, you don’t need to worry about it at all. Eric is there every step of the way to answer questions and explain whatever you need to know. I am happy with how things worked out, and I know I found the right “computer guy” for all of my technological needs.

I’ve learned valuable lessons about how to use my technology from Eric. And it was all done remotely.

Beth Wise
Selbyville, Delaware

Dear Eric:

Thank you for all of your knowledgeable computer support over the years.

Prior to my retirement, I had no real working knowledge of the computer, except for basic e-mail. I was one of those “dinosaurs” with an administrative assistant who did all of my reports, correspondence, etc. For this reason, I was completely inept when it came to doing even the simplest tasks on the computer!

You cannot imagine my joy in finding someone like you – an extremely capable, knowledgeable IT expert – with exceptional teaching skills! You are a rare breed!

In my experience, many “techies” have no patience for the adult who does not possess at least rudimentary computer skills. For this reason, it is almost impossible for someone like me to develop these skills. Your kind, patient approach, along with your ability to explain how to perform a task in plain English, makes all the difference to a neophyte!

I would highly recommend you to any person or organization looking for a first-rate teacher!

All the Best,
Cathi Killingsworth Bost
Florida, USA

Eric Montgomery, The Computer Guy, excels at interpersonal communication. No problem is too big or small, and he can always explain technology in a way that anyone can understand.

The same holds true for his business and project ideas. He is always aware of the smallest detail – things that others may forget – and this helps us save time and money.

His knowledge of how to run a business allows him to consider and weigh all angles of a proposed project, event, or circumstance so as to reach the best solution or action for the situation at hand.

Eric has been providing his remote, email, on-site support and adviser services to Kody’s Kids for many years. His in-depth knowledge of technology and his standards for customer service are unparalleled.

Philip W. Brown, Founder
Kody’s Kids, Inc. – “Making a Positive Difference”
Southern Delaware, USA

Eric Montgomery, The Computer Guy, made it possible for me to keep on working while traveling in the US! While traveling in Delaware, and still working with my colleagues located in Switzerland, England, and South Africa, my Outlook crashed and I could no longer send any emails. Eric came over to my in-law’s house where I was staying and soon fixed the problem.

Sitting next to him, I learned many new things about keeping my computer ‘clean’ and running faster. While repairing Outlook, Eric also fixed all sorts of little problems that we came across along the way.

Thanks, Eric for helping me finish my work, keeping my colleagues happy, and saving my vacation!

Isabelle van Notten
Lausanne, Switzerland

Eric Montgomery, The Computer Guy, has always been able to help me out!

I know he has so many satisfied customers that he may not always be able to get to me right away, but his service is definitely worth the wait.

I have used 4 other computer companies and he is by far the best. He is a professional in every way. He lets you know what he is going to do and when he is going to do it and he delivers on his promises!

Thank you, The Computer Guy, for getting me out of yet another technological bind!

Shawna McCormick

Millsboro, Delaware

Dear Eric,

You are without a doubt great to have as a computer specialist when one gets into trouble. Perhaps as many other senior citizens, our technical knowledge is limited and you always help us out and get us back on track. Thanks again, The Computer Guy!

Bev and Bob
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware