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I offer onsite (“house calls”) IT consulting and services to residential, home business, and small business clients in the communities of Georgetown, Millsboro, and Milton in Southern Delaware.

As many of my clients like to say, “No need to unplug those dusty wires!” 🙂

I can also perform many of these via remote sessions, where I connect to your computer via free software. I’ve even helped a few clients transfer from an old computer to a new computer via remote and phone, email, support.

If you have a question or need that doesn’t directly relate to the below listed services, just contact me for more information or to book a consulting session.


Shoregeek Services, Computer Clean-up,

Is your computer powered by Apple’s macOS or Microsoft’s Windows 10 (or Windows 11)? Are things running slower than usual? Are programs crashing a lot or not working at all? Or are things in “general” not working right?

Generally, a computer clean-up means:

  • Overall system junk removal
  • Virus/Malware removal
  • Web browser clean-up and security updates
  • Operating system and security updates.


Have you recently purchased a new printer? Skip the frustration and let Eric Montgomery take care of the setup of your brand new printer. Once the initial setup is complete, I’ll educate you on using your printer with your devices and answering any questions.

A printer setup usually includes:
• Remove old printer (physically and from the computer)
• Set up the new printer (out of the package, etc.)
• Connect the new printer to your computer and your WiFi network
• Configure and test printer (other computers, mobile devices, etc.)
• Demonstrate proper printer use and ink replacement with you


I offer general repair for laptops or desktop computers — if something requires a major repair, I may recommend a third-party resource equipped to handle such a repair.

Repair service often includes, but is not limited to, troubleshooting, installing, or upgrading (cost of new hardware not included):

  • Hard drives
  • RAM/memory
  • Video cards
  • Power supplies
  • Optical drives (CD/DVD)
  • Web cameras
  • Digital cameras
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Monitors

WiFi, Internet, Smart Homes

WiFi, Internet, Smart Home Services,, Eric Montgomery

WiFi is an essential component of just about every home or small office. But when WiFi isn’t working correctly, nothing can get done, whether that means a binge session on Netflix or Hulu, a homework or college assignment, or a Zoom meeting with your boss.

WiFi is an extension of the internet service you have for your home or small office.

Do you have smart devices set up in your home or small office? Items like voice assistants, smart cameras, smart thermostats, smart doorbells, and so much more can make our homes seem amazingly intelligent. But are your smart devices secure?

I help make sure your home or office network is secure and performing at the highest level possible.