Remote Service

How does a remote session work?

A remote session is basically allowing me to access your computer remotely through a secure connection. I use a software called Anydesk, there is no cost for the software.

It’s just like I am sitting there in front of your computer (so we both can’t use the mouse or keyboard at the same time).

Sometimes there are things I cannot do — I can’t move or install equipment for example.

How do I get started?

To get started, contact me to see if a remote session is needed — if the answer is yes, then we will schedule a day/time for the remote session to occur. For clients who are on the east coast USA, my availability is 1 PM EST to 6 PM EST any day of the week (check with me on Holidays though). ๐Ÿ™‚

Once you’ve contacted me, and we have a scheduled day/time for our remote session, you need to download the Anydesk remote client software to your computer.

Simply go to and click the red Download Now button. Then WAIT for the download to start, don’t click anything else.

After the Anydesk program has been downloaded — you should find it in your downloads folder (by default on Mac or Windows) — RUN the program.


Mac computers require a few extra steps due to the deeper security of macOS.

  1. Click Configure to open the macOS system preferences and set permissions for AnyDesk accordingly.

2. Click Open System Preferences to open Security & Privacy.

3. Unlock Security & Privacy by clicking the lock icon.

4. Switch to the Privacy tab.

5. Grant required permissions by adding AnyDesk to trusted apps in section Accessibility, Full Disk Access, and Screen Recording.

REMINDER: The Anydesk remote software must be open and running in order for me to connect. You should be able to see the Anydesk program window before I can connect.


When you run the program it will display a “desk address”, which will be a collection of numbers that I need in order to connect to your computer.

In the example below, the desk address would be 468 487 733 (this is for an example only).

Before I can connect to your computer you need to email me the desk address for your computer (not the number in the sample below).

4. Grant Permission

You need to be at your computer for a remote session (to grant me permission).

Once a remote session has been scheduled and I have the desk address for your computer, I’ll attempt to connect. The program will show you a window (like the sample below) telling you that I would like to “view” your desk — then present you with two buttons, “accept” (allow me to connect) OR “Dismiss” (don’t allow me to connect). You should click the Accept button.

This is a SAMPLE of an incoming remote request.

At this point I will be connected to your computer. Sometimes I will call people while I am doing a remote session, if I’m in a setting that permits it. Otherwise, we can chat using the remote software. It’s similar to using Facebook Messenger or texting on your phone. ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Pay

Once the remote session has ended, I will send you an invoice via email. I do not accept checks.