May 14th, 2018

Happy Client Kind Words

Eric’s patience, ability to explain complex technology in clear, concise language and willingness to listen and respond to suggestions appropriate to your specific needs and capabilities are unsurpassed.

Most importantly, he will never make you feel incompetent, even when you know you have done something foolish.

— Relieved homeowner who thought the machine ate everything



I decided it was time to upgrade to a new computer. I’ve had Windows Vista for nine years and kept putting off the inevitable. But, I needed someone who could help me through the process, make recommendations and provide guidance along the way. I also wanted someone who cares about their customers, has great patience and has the experience to help make my transition as smooth as possible.

I searched online and eventually found Eric Montgomery of The Computer Guy at After reading the kind words and recommendations from other customers, I decided that Eric was exactly who I needed to see me through the whole process.

I emailed him and told him what I needed, and he got back to me quickly. He informed me he was going to be out of town for a while but that he could work with me remotely. I decided to give it a shot and am so very glad I did. We do everything through email which works well if he sends me instructions.

Eric made recommendations for new equipment, explained how to download the program needed to work with me remotely and has made my experience a very positive one.

If you are a current or new customer who has concerns about working with Eric remotely, you don’t need to worry about it at all. Eric is there every step of the way to answer questions and explain whatever you need to know. I am happy with how things worked out, and I know I found the right “computer guy” for all of my technological needs.

I have the perfect example of how Eric’s remote services can save the day. And it proves just how awesome Eric is at what he does.

After my new system was up and running, I needed to install Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student. I had purchased it from Amazon and Eric advised that I just needed to go to the website provided with the key card to install it.

So I started the process but in doing so made a foolish mistake. I typed the web address into the search box instead of the website address bar. Because of this, a search results page was shown instead, and I ended up clicking on what I thought was the Microsoft website, but it wasn’t.

Basically, I fell into a scam because of my error. Luckily, I realized it before I gave any financial information. However, the scammers did have the Microsoft key card number. When I went to the right place to redo the Office set up, Microsft reported the key card number was valid but had already used with an email address that was not mine.

I immediately sent Eric an email, and he got into my system remotely and contacted Microsoft through a chat agent. He handled the whole thing for me, telling me what to type in when they asked questions but also stepping in and answering them himself when I didn’t know the answer.

After several minutes, everything was resolved. I did have to buy another product key, but for a fraction of the original price. Then Eric stayed online and installed Office 2016 and went through my system to make sure the scammers hadn’t infected my brand new computer.

I learned a valuable lesson about where to enter websites and other than being embarrassed everything turned out well. It was all done remotely, and Eric was with me every step of the way.

Beth Wise
Selbyville, Delaware



I recommend The Computer Guy (Eric Montgomery) for those of us who enjoy the good things technology can bring but are often baffled by the complexity of those same systems, especially when they “have issues.”

The Computer Guy (Eric Montgomery) demonstrates an understanding of the computers and peripherals we use. He is a patient advisor on how to use the technology effectively for our individual purposes.

I don’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.

Geri Williams
Milton, Delaware


Eric Montgomery excels at interpersonal communication. No problem is too big or small, and he can always explain technology in ways that anyone can understand.

The same holds true for his business and project ideas. He is always aware of the smallest detail – things that others may forget – and this helps us save time and money.

His knowledge of how to run a business allows him to consider and weigh all angles of a proposed project, event, or circumstance so as to reach the best solution or action for the situation at hand.

Eric has been providing his remote, email, on-site support and adviser services to Kody’s Kids for many years. His in-depth knowledge of technology and his standards for customer service are unparalleled.

Philip W. Brown, Founder
Kody’s Kids, Inc. – “Making a Positive Difference”
Southern Delaware, USA



I can’t say enough good stuff about The Computer Guy.

I have been working with Eric for a few years now and he has made my life much easier.

I used to get very anxious when I had a computer problem, knowing I would spend hours on the phone with a technician and probably still not fix the problem.

Now I just call Eric and I know the problem will be fixed and that everything will run even better than before.

Thanks, Computer Guy!

Milton, DE


The Computer Guy ROCKS! I had an insidious invader that started underlining random words & phrases on webpages, my websites & my email. I assumed it was normal internet invasion of privacy until I was taking some serious online exams. The underlined, live links that made ads appear when I hovered over the words were very distracting when they were on the tests themselves!

The Computer Guy had me run a cleanup program that wiped out the aliens! He followed up with me until we had all of the creatures returned to their host ships & departed for planets unknown, in galaxies far, far away!!! Never to return. Now, my shields are up! I’m safe at home again!

I can fix a lot of stuff on my own, but I never know where to start. The Computer Guy always does know! He always finds step 1 for me! And he never leaves me stranded on deserted islands. Even when I don’t know what the words mean in the problems, he knows where the potential land mines are & he helps me to sidestep them! And I get home safely!

Thank you! I truly appreciate you, Computer Guy!

Theresa Wyne
Seattle, Washington


Dear Eric,

This is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and use the desktop since you brought it back and I’m amazed! Super fast and no delay’s at all with multiple windows open. Previously we could only open two windows max and it was sloooowww.

We are so happy with The Computer Guy super customer service!

The Beck Family
Georgetown, Delaware


Eric Montgomery, a.k.a. The Computer Guy, has been an absolute blessing for our small business. He has been fixing, advising, and teaching us how to best use our computers and printing equipment since 2005.

Eric is a sincere, knowledgeable and dependable professional who has the customer’s best interests in mind. You are always making the right choice with Eric.

Gwen Osborne and Katie Handy, Owners
Sign*A*Rama, 302-227-3280
Georgetown, Delaware



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