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Hello and Welcome…

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Eric Montgomery

My name is Eric Montgomery, I have over 35 years experience in the IT industry.

My most recent endeavor was as the owner of a small IT support and service business, that I built from the ground up in 2004, called “The Computer Guy” located in Lewes, Delaware. We provided IT solutions, support, service, and teaching direct to residential, small business, and non-profit organizations through onsite with each customer, phone, email, remote, and text/chat.

However, due to the new business landscape in 2020 as a result from the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve had to change the way I help people with their technology. For the remainder of 2020, I’m available for email and remote support only.

This is primarily for my safety, since I have moderate to severe asthma and am at a higher risk. But also for the safety of my many clients.


“Eric’s patience, ability to explain complex technology in clear, concise language and willingness to listen and respond to suggestions appropriate to your specific needs and capabilities are unsurpassed. Most importantly, he will never make you feel incompetent, even when you know you have done something foolish.”

A customer in upstate New York

More about my career…

I had previously been providing IT consulting services and support for clients throughout the United States on a freelance basis, including contracts with the New York State Historical Society and the Cooperstown Graduate Program (an academic division of SUNY College at Oneonta NY).

I’d always been deeply passionate about helping people with the various technology challenges faced every day at home and in small businesses. I also enjoy helping people learn and understand how to make their technology work for them.

Many of my clients over the years have told me I must have won some sort of genetic lottery when it comes to problem-solving and teaching.

It’s also important to me that I don’t just ‘fix stuff’, I like to teach and empower people so that they will know how to address similar challenges should they arise again in the future.

I’ve developed a calm confidence from years of devising impactful solutions to even the most perplexing technical or business challenges.