Immerse yourself in the big-screen PC experience

If you are buying or already own a PC or Mac that needs a monitor connected or can use a second (external) monitor, then get ready to discover how to create a cinematic wonderland at home (or in the office) without breaking the bank.

immerse yourself in the big-screen Mac or PC experience, M1 Mac Mini, Intel NUC, TCL 4K Roku TV

For example, I own an M1 Mac Mini running macOS Big Sur 11.6, using a TCL 50″ 4K Smart LED Roku TV as its monitor. In addition to being multi-purpose, this TV also has a refresh rate of 120Hz. The TCL TV and M1 Mac Mini are in my living room enjoyed both for computer work and shows and movies.

You could easily use a similar set-up on a desk. I have many clients who do this and are very happy!

The refresh rate is the number of times per second the picture is redrawn. Or how many images the TV can show in one second.

The quicker the redraw is, the motion display should appear smoother to the human eye and have less flicker.

The gaming monitor version of that TV would be at least $1,000 higher than the price of the TCL.

I use my M1 Mac Mini for web and YouTube browsing, organizing and processing my photos, some light games, web & creative development, writing, video editing, and my home entertainment system, where I enjoy shows and movies.

Based on my daily use, I highly recommend the TCL TV on an M1 Mac Mini. But it would also be fantastic on any computer, or laptop, that can use an external monitor.