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Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Home Camera with Night Vision

Last updated on June 19, 2021

Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Home Camera with Night Vision

When I arrived at my Mom’s place at the end of Summer 2020, one of the first things I was wanting to install were cameras to be able to see and hear — especially in case my Mom fell or otherwise needed help.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom cameras have traditionally been very expensive. Then wanting 2-way audio would have added to the high cost. But no longer! I found this Wyze Cam Pan and couldn’t believe the cost vs. the features. I had to try it out for myself — and it works great!

My Mom loves knowing that I can check in on her no matter my location. Whether that location is at the other end of the house, on the road, or back home in Southern Delaware.

Wyze Cam Pan Delivers!

Say goodbye to losing sight when something moves outside the view of your indoor camera. With its 110°/sec rotation speed, 360° horizontal range, and 93° vertical range, Wyze Cam Pan delivers 360° coverage in under 3 seconds so you can see exactly what you want to see when you want to see it.

Pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) gives you the ability to control the Wyze Cam Pan remotely using the Wyze app so you can see every angle of your room from where ever you are. Or, you can have the Wyze Cam Pan monitor your room automatically with the Pan Scan feature by setting 4 predefined waypoints. Panning has a 360° left/right rotation range, and tilting has a 93° vertical up/downrange.

Live Stream from anywhere in full HD 1080p, this allows you to see inside your home from anywhere in real-time using your mobile device. While live streaming, use two-way audio to speak with your friends and family through the Wyze app.

Motion/Sound Recording with Free Cloud Storage

The Wyze Cam Pan can automatically record a 12-second video clip when motion or sound is detected and saves that video to the cloud for 14-days, for free.

Mobile push notifications can be enabled so you’re only alerted when something is detected letting you stay on top of things without having to constantly monitor the app. Or, record continuously to a MicroSD card (sold separately) regardless of motion and sound. Compatible with 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB FAT32 MicroSD cards.

See in the dark with Night vision

Night vision lets you see up to 30’ in absolute darkness using 6 infrared (IR) LEDs. Note: IR does not work through glass windows.

2-Way Audio and Voice Control

Voice Controlled? You got it! – Works with Alexa and Google Assistant (in the US only) so you can use your voice to see who’s at your front door, how your baby’s doing, check in on your pets, or if your 3D printer has finished printing.

Wyze Cam Pan is only compatible with the 2. 4GHz WiFi network and Apple (iOS) or Android mobile devices.

Share with those who care – One Wyze Cam can be shared with multiple family members so everyone can have access to its live stream and video recordings. Just have your family members download the Wyze app and invite them to your account. Camera sharing can also be easily removed.

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