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Manage your iPhone. Your way.

Whether you have and Windows 10 computer or a Mac, did you know you can manage your iPhone (and iPad) without having to use the Apple software?

A few years ago I discovered a powerful and user-friendly program called iMazing which is simply the best iOS device manager for Mac and PC.

Get full control over your iOS device. iMazing is simply the best iPhone, iPad and iPod manager for Mac and PC. Get iMazing.

Save iPhone Messages

Easily export your iPhone text messages and attachments to your computer. Or simply transfer them to a new phone. Save or print your conversations, and prove your point in court. Get iMazing.

Transfer your files and documents

Move files and folders between your iPhone or iPad and your computer (Mac or PC).

Manage your contacts

Directly copy all your contacts between your iPhone and your Mac or PC. Get iMazing.

Export Safari data

Access and export bookmarks, reading Lists and history to your computer. Get iMazing.

Export call history and voicemail

Access and export call logs, save your voicemail to your computer.

Access and export calendars

Export calendars to your computer in iCal, Excel or CSV format. Get iMazing.

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