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CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X: The ultimate cleaner for your Mac

CleanMyMac X scans every inch of your system and removes gigabytes of junk, large hidden files, old archives, unused apps, and malware. Get yourself a powerful Mac cleaner and see how a clean Mac feels.

  • Smart Scan — Smart Cleanup: Smart Scan suggests the right cleaning tasks for your Mac. It detects junk that is 100% safe to delete so you never put personal files at risk.
  • Large & Old Files: Use CleanMyMac X to find space hoggers on your Mac. Just run a scan to see all possibly forgotten files and decide what’s worth keeping.
  • Uninstall apps completely: Remove useless applications, along with all leftover files. That will save you tons of space.
  • Protect private info: Clear your browsing traces, saved passwords, chat history in Skype and Messages.
  • Remove Malware: Detect and neutralize malware threats: viruses, adware, worms, spyware.
  • Update Applications: Keep your apps up-to-date — get the latest available versions of all installed applications.
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